Training Overview

Classes at Jimmy Weinert Training Facility include all aspects of coaching, training, and riding. Students will learn the proper techniques used by professionals such as body positioning while cornering, jumping, and starting. Other elements taught at Jimmy Weinert Training Facility include powering through rollers, off-cambers, ruts, mud, and sand. These elements are focused on one by one to help each individual rider develop their skills and break habits that are stopping them from riding at their full potential.

Students will participate in the daily stretching and exercise routines which include cardiovascular workouts and weight training that target the muscle groups used while riding. After leaving Jimmy Weinert Training Facility, each student will know what it takes to become a champion. From here, they can take that knowledge to every race and practice session, continuing to work on their riding technique. No matter what your current skill level is, you will never stop learning and we can help you take that step to the next level.

Our classes are taken very seriously while having fun and enjoying the sport WE ALL love, MOTOCROSS.

Jimmy – The Jammer _Weinert

“Jammin’ Jimmy” Weinert was a pioneering motocross and Supercross champion during the early years of the sport in America. In the 1970s, Weinert won a total of 22 AMA nationals races and three AMA championships during his 11-year professional racing career. In November of 1973, Weinert became the first American to beat the international riders in the Trans-AMA Motocross Series. That victory marked one of the turning points that brought American motocross up to par with the then-dominant Europeans.

His nickname, “Jammin’ Jimmy,” or “The Jammer,” came from then-editor of Cycle News Gary Van Voorhis. During a Florida winter national race, Weinert got a bad start and quickly moved up the field, or, as Van Voorhis described it, “He jammed his way to the front.” The next week’s headline read “Jammin’ Jimmy” and the nickname stuck.

The Jammer now coaches the weekly classes, instructing riders to develop their skill. His friendly but firm personality, along with his racing experience, makes Jimmy “The Jammer” Weinert one of the best motocross coaches in the world. Did we mention he likes to have fun?

JWTF has been a great place for our kids to train over the winter.

Guy Richards

Jammer knows what it takes to collect championships, and has done it.

Chris Canning