Logan Best:

“JWTF has been the place where I have found my speed, met great friends and train. Jammer is always ready to build me anything I need to build my speed as a racer. Great place for any level rider and great motocross family you will have for life.”


“My son spent a week at JWTF and I was so impressed with the results. His corning and speed improved greatly as well as his confidence. Through all the conditioning, drills and teaching my son has a better understanding of what to do while on the bike. The instructors have a great deal of knowledge and they love teaching, which is a plus. The learning environment is the perfect mix of having a structured training program and fun. Everyone at JWTF actually cares about the riders and wants to see them learn, improve and be successful.”

Brighton & Canyon Richards:

“My kids love it at JWTF because it’s low stress but fun and before you know it your fast. Because you’re having fun. They also love the pitbike track after training.”

Kreiger Family:

“We first came to JWTF in February of 2014, and immediately loved being there. My son has learned the importance of working out off the track, and is gaining confidence on the track. He has been taught about nutrition, and that “I can’t” is not acceptable. That is a lesson he is learning the hard way because when he says that, it means push-ups (lol). He is also learning how to be more responsible. Many of these lessons will help him on the track but also in everyday life.We look forward to seeing Lynda, who always makes sure our accommodations and needs are met, Trevor who works with Ashton, and of course, Jimmy who is so positive and full of knowledge.

When we travel south of Maryland, and it is not for a race, there is only one place we go; JWTF. They have all we need!
It may have been Jimmy’s dream to run a training facility, and in doing so, he is allowing others to see their dreams come true.”

Thomas Family:

“The whole family loves to come to JWTF.  I think that the work that is put into the different tracks is awesome! Always adding or changing it, including a “mock Loretta’s “track! Can’t ask for better training than that! I am impressed with the work outs also. My son has been told by the trainer things to work on to improve his flexibility in addition to nutrition information. The individual attention is very much appreciated.
We love the great family atmosphere. And would like to Thank the Weinert family for always stopping by to see how things are and our opinions. Our trips south in the winter have become great memories of fun weekends riding and watching supercross with Jammer. Truly treasured memories!”

McElvains Family:

“We always enjoy time and training spent at JWTF. The facility is clean and well maintained. Jammer’s unwavering dedication to ensure that all the riders have the training they need at every level is above standard, compared to other facilities. He always has something new to keep the training up to the speed demanded by the industry of competitive racing. We feel that every visit to the track is a personal experience that Jammer instills in our boys; not only do they learn but they have fun too. You can’t beat that!”

Battle Family:

“I was so nervous to take my son, Zach to a training facility where he would be training full-time, away from home. I called JWTF and talked to Lynda for quite some time, asking all sorts of questions about how my 14 year old (age then) would be able to be there on his own without us. Lynda reassured me that she and Jimmy were more than ready and willing to help Zach with his daily Motocross Training and anything else that he would need during his stay.
During his stay, Zach learned so much from Jimmy, and it wasn’t only on the track; Jimmy is the type of person that thrives on his interaction with these kids. He is very down to earth and supportive, he wants to see the results just as much as the parents do. I feel grateful for the relationship our family has forged with Jimmy and Lynda and would recommend their facility for you and your family. Zach came home with more speed and enhanced cornering skills, he was better able to adapt to the various tracks as Jimmy would always change up the tracks that the boys/girls rode.

Thanks Jammer & Lynda for the impact you have had on Zach!”

The Biondis:

“JWTF has become a second home to our son Frankie. He has been at JWTF for about 2 months now and we couldn’t be happier. Jimmy and Lynda have found the perfect combination of training (on and off the bike) both physically and mentally. Jimmy and his staff are full of knowledge and are ready and eager to share it. They believe in teaching the riders by surrounding them with positive reinforcement and correction. The riders get a ton of daily seat time working on cornering, speed and skill. Jimmy works diligently keeping the tracks meticulously groomed and is constantly changing them to challenge the riders. JWTF is a well rounded family oriented motocross training facility meeting the needs of young riders as well as the demands of National pro riders. We highly recommend them to anyone considering a training facility. Our son has not only grown as a rider and a competitor but has become more confident, independent and responsible.

A huge thank you to Jimmy, Lynda and the entire staff at JWTF.”


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